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Defining a new concept and strategy
The result in your home market is good. But your goal is to bring your company to the next level. Entering into new international markets could be your next step. But do you have the necessary local knowledge or people, to sell your products or services successfully in Europe?

ExportZpeed will assist you with the following three services:

Advice you how to approach new target groups with a different concept or new strategy to reach your goals:
- Advice you for a clear and effective business proposition
- A better match of your product offering with (local)market demand
- Produce an actionable business plan based on added value
- Improve your (new) sales and marketing channels

Execution of marketing campaigns that bring you new leads and prospects:
- Testing your products in new markets
- Producing localized marketing collateral
- Set-up and maintain a contact database of local companies
- Organizing life events like exhibitions, seminar or workshop
- Developing cross media marketing campaigns

Expand your customer base with new international clients or resellers:
- Investigate which new international markets or segments to enter
- Respond to sales requests on your behalf
- Act as your local sales point
- Pro-Active match making with new prospects/consumers or business partners

With our large (international) network, the available tools and local expertise, we are able to find new target groups on your behalf. By outsourcing these match-making services to ExportZpeed, you will be able to focus on your core business and gain more turnover.

We will work hard to get you new clients or partners. Because we are confident about the quality of our services, we work (nine times out of ten) on a fixed fee and also based on the results we accomplish.

Please contact us for any specific questions or information how to achieve results.



Our mutual goal

OPTIMIZE: Existing Markets
CONQUER: New Markets (.NL, .EU, etc...)

...or even: Act as your local sales point!