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(Mail-) Package- & Freight- Forwarding Partner (II) — That'll Save You Money !

International shipping can be a real costly hassle. It’s full of different fees and regulations. Some businesses give up and decide not to ship internationally, others slog through it and end up wasting valuable time and resources.

Many smart businesses are having their cake and eating it too by turning the entire process over to a (mail-) package- & freight- forwarding company.

...Forwarding Partner (as well)!

(Mail) Package/Freight forwarding companies like ExportZpeed are experts in international shipping and can greatly increase your businesses customer satisfaction by getting them their packages on a timely basis PLUS save you a lot of money on actual shipping cost (standard 40% DISCOUNTS on transportation)!truck  plain

Businesses can either ship their goods to the (Mail) Package/Freight forwarding company who handles the rest of the process, or may be able to warehouse their products directly at the (mail) package/freight forwarding company. Many of these companies like ExportZpeed handle lots of (mail) package/freight and therefore have large storage areas. Without adding a lot of costs there is always room in the (next) box for your products as well. Wouldn't it be nice if shipments and storage of these products were centralised to save shipping costs and handling costs. And as the volume grows, prices can be more competitive. No one looses*, it's all about creating an efficient distribution chain in the first place.

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Added value + our OWN USPS.nl/.eu solutions

Besides our three BUSINESS-services — -STRATEGY -MARKETING & -SALES — we offer just as an "US based International Mail/Packages Forwarding Network" different solutions and a second-to-none experience as well:

premier solutions
Open the door to international revenue with one of our premier solutions:
a) ImportZpeed Extend is a personal solution provider that's easily deployed by small to mid-sized businesses and even Wholesale Distributors‏/Manufacturers!

Checkout — Personalized & market-leading solutions
Second-to-none experience, or to Expand Your Business Globally
b) ImportZpeed Checkout: CustomZpeed offers personalized & market-leading solutions for amongst others online merchants who are looking to expand globally.

Seamless experience
c) ImportZpeed Connect is a fully integrated solution that provides a seamless experience for international customers like you and (y)our consumers.



*) This includes the optimization of supply, even distribution (incl. our own USPS .nl/.eu logistics) and marketing channels to be a very successful method and to use new technology (OUR seamlessly integrated web shops & YouAre .nl/.eu marketplaces) plus sales channels efficiently.

The 'ExportZ dealers' Duty/Tax info

We help you and all your European customers in one single action. How? Besides Sales, all packages are cleared through customs for your customer (1*) – whether duty & tax are prepaid or not. This saves you the hassle!

Extra tip: ExportZ (also 'founder' of USPS.nl/.eu & YouAre.nl/.eu) offers a split-package service whererby your true customers can elect to have us split a single package and ship some now and some later or like we do it (in most cases) some to customer 1 and some to customer 2, 3, etc.

1) With ExportZ, we as your single point of contact and your one and only true European customer, you get the opportunity enabling all European consumers to purchase from your US based company — EASY AS 1, 2, 3!