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  • Top products, trendy models, ...
    Top products, trendy models, ... We are a one-stop NL/EU shop overseas for: New, outlet, used, vintage, ...
  • Fashion, Music, Gadgets & more
    Fashion, Music, Gadgets & more Everything from the USA + THE Marketplace to NL/EU - ...of For and BY you!
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    ExportZ/YouAre: Opening doors Opening doors for USA manufacturers, whole sales, suppliers, ...to EU/NL clients + dealers!
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    Why? YouAre! Think about it... And then stop dreaming your life and start living your dream!
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A new focus for organizations to become more profitable and competitive. Our collaboration promotes fresh views to manufacturers, suppliers, our dealers and customers being true ambassadors as well!

Our mutual goal

OPTIMIZE: Existing Markets
CONQUER: New Markets (.NL, .EU, etc...)

...or even: Act as your local sales point!

ExportZ services, easy as: 1, 2 & 3

Read all about our 3 services <HERE> to reach your goals & gain revenue!

A good preperation is key. Choosing the right approach, the profitable markets and an effective introduction strategy. ExportZpeed will analyse all necessary data and advice you about a good market entrance strategy

Introducing your brand name or introducing your product into new markets will require good local promotions. ExportZpeed will prepare an actionable marketing plan. We even produce your localized marketing materials and manage these campaigns for the best possible results.

You are ready to take the first steps to contact new prospects or partners. Based on pre-defined criteria we will find new business or technical partners. ExportZpeed will contact the first clients to test the right sales approach. Even act as your local representative.