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Second To None: One-stop service centre. Right in the middle of EU+NL!

Why? You have the target to grow your company. To make a difference. A different offering, a fresh approach, new sales model and more. ExportZpeed supports you based on two principles:
1. what is the history of your business efforts: the facts
2. what would you like to achieve: your ambitions


Working together
To set out a new strategy based on historical facts alone will not provide you with somthing new. You will continue your business as you used to do. If you have the ambitions, you will have to make a choice between facts and expectations. This will ask some courage from you as an entrepreneur. ExportZpeed is your coach that supports you to take the next steps


THE ExportZpeed MODEL

To achieve your ambitions we use our three phase model. On a pragmatic manner we guide you with the three steps of your growth project. With the preparation phase based on facts and expectations for your new strategy. With the implementation of your marketing communication actions. And with contacting new clients or partners for you.

1. Preparation >> Market Scan
2. Implementation >> Local Marketing
3. Execution >> Local Matching / Sales

ExportZpeed VISION
We believe that sharing is the best way to grow. By sharing knowledge and contacts we can make a substantial difference. With this transparent way of working, your company will grow substantially.

ExportZ + YouAre (.eu/.nl) Dealers

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a2 b2 c2 d2
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ExportZpeed + Youare marketplaces


We are your dedicated sales agent with our very own friend-chise network and the technologypartner with the latest software solutions and tools! We strive for improved efficiency, a better assortment of top products, greater market coverage, and easier searching for goods as well as customers

This includes the optimization of supply, even distribution (incl. our own USPS.nl/.eu logistics) and marketing channels to be a very successful method and to use new technology (OUR seamlessly integrated web-shops & marketplaces) plus sales channels efficiently.

A new focus for organizations to become more profitable and competitive. Our collaboration promotes fresh views to manufacturers, suppliers, our dealers and customers being true ambassadors as well!

This makes ExportZpeed a so called PR2.0 and unique network organization too. Besides our own solutions for advertising, marketing, pr and branding by multi media and narrowcasting e.g. we cooperate with several independent partners as well. Partners such as:
- experts with specific knowledge on certain topics (our retail specialist e.g)
- technologypartners with the latest software solutions and tools (YouAre.nl/.eu)
- networking partners to expand our contact database (international as well)

Please contact us for more information.


>> Analyse and match you with new contacts.

You are ready for the next phase of your growth scenario? Entering a market in new geographical markets? Contacting new prospects or new business partners? Ready to sell to consumers directly?

- Finding new target group(s) that fit your offering
- Act as your local contact, or sales point
- Building your local and online contact database
- Matching you with international business partners
- Contacting and selling towards prospects and/or consumers on your behalf

As an international business Matching, MARCOM & Sales company (The Netherlands, Europe) and combined with our US based International Mail/Packages Forwarding Network we have the tools, the network and the knowledge how to expand your business. Please contact us for more information.

Our mutual goal

OPTIMIZE: Existing Markets
CONQUER: New Markets (.NL, .EU, etc...)

...or even: Act as your local sales point!

ExportZ + YouAre (.nl/.eu) combi

Introducing your products into new international markets can be your next step. But do you have the necessary local knowledge or people, to sell your products or services successfully?

ExportZpeed is able to help you with Market & Business Development services, in order to introduce or sell your products into new international markets. Please read about our 3 services to reach your goals and gain revenue!

A good preperation is key. Choosing the right approach, the profitable markets and an effective introduction strategy. ExportZpeed will analyse all necessary data and advice you about a good market entrance strategy 

Introducing your brand name or introducing your product into new markets will require good local promotions. ExportZpeed will prepare an actionable marketing plan. We even produce your localized marketing materials and manage these campaigns for the best possible results.

You are ready to take the first steps to contact new prospects or partners. Based on pre-defined criteria we will find new business or technical partners. ExportZpeed will contact the first clients to test the right sales approach. Even act as your local representative.


- start ups who want to re-design their concept
- business people who like to connect with new targetgroups
- existing companies for expansion to new markets

ExportZpeed shares knowledge and experience with small and medium sized enterprises in several business lines. Such as Sporting Goods like: Outdoor Sports (Reason: Originally started for the longboard and skate industry) towards media, ICT, electronics, software and other segments. We are also are happy to work for (other) socially and environmental conscious organisations.

Please contact us for more information.


Marketing promotion tools online can be offered, via our second initiatives: http://www.Zwieper.nl (Business Development / CRM), and as founder of http://www.ZwiePR.nl (the Web & Video with Vision) — ...for advertising, marketing (MARCOM), pr and personal branding!

Example (importZ & vintageZ + USPS [NL/EU])

All Business- & Consumer Markets

E.g. Sporting Goods — Outdoor Sports — Skateboarding

  • Skateboard Decks, Trucks, Bearings, Hardware / Raiser Pads, Grip Tape & Wheels
    http://www.CustomZpeed.EU  +  Ambassadors — business (branding) partners, motto: We do NOT only ship (and sell) products, but fire/kick start 'your new & top image'!
    How? Via our unique formula: http://www.JijBentEenMerk.nl e.g.!

The Web & Video with Vision ( PR2 / MARCOM — Branding — Social Media — etc. )