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...your products into new international markets

The ExportZ + YouAre combi provides online marketplaces for the sale of goods and services, as well as other online commerce, platforms, and online payment solutions to individuals and businesses in the Netherlands and internationally (EU)

We are no traditional agency. Our short lines of communication as well as our professional contacts ensure best results. Due to our experience, our working methods and our networks, we can offer a broad range of services.

This means that we continuously aim high in creativity, quality and service.



Distributor for the European consumer market

Originally started for the longboard and skate industry:

Most common example (to Skate- & Longboard shop owners/our dealers)
We even provide “second to noneservices! How? By adding value...
- Great product line
- YouAre holds stock, which leads to faster shipments (48-72 hrs) and lower inventory costs for the shop
- USPS.nl is there to support this (even if the requested product is not in stock. We can and will deliver fast and cost effective)
- Aiming for a fair marketplace. We are solely distributing, and are not a shop, nor do we compete with shops. We are partners for the shops. Examples: JijBentEenmerk.nl; WesleyB.nl and any others to follow (locally and in your neighbourhood is what we strive for)
- Support in European time zone
- Cross advantages between different products. The combination of brands, decks/completes, trucks, wheels and bearings of different Producers/Manufacturers in one shipment is more efficient, which leads to
        *better prices, lower handling and lower shipment costs
        *makes it easier to reach the necessary volume to place an order. There is less critical volume per product needed
- Volume is accumulated throughout Europe. This leads to better prices from the Producer/Manufacturer
- Producer/Manufacturer can focus on producing, instead of shipping lots of relatively small orders to Europe, which is time inefficient and therefore costly.
- Producer/Manufacturer had no insight in order flow, which can lead to inventory problems (out of stock). YouAre provides the Producer/Manufacturer much more transparency on order flows
- Quality of the product and branding is carefully maintained. Only authorised dealers are supported in the applicable warranties and product support

There are many different Producers/Manufacturers, mostly in the United States, and many European stores. Most stores import their product out of the United States. These orders can be relative small orders, the shipments costs are relatively high. And for a lot of different products there will be separate shipments. That means a lot of work and handling costs, on the Producers/Manufacturers side, but also on the side of the store.  There are no efficiencies in volume, in handling and no efficiencies in shipping costs.
But without adding a lot of costs there is always room in the box for hardware, like wheels, trucks and bearings. Wouldn't it be nice if shipments and storage of these products were centralised to save shipping costs and handling costs. And as the volume grows, prices can be more competitive. No one looses, it's all about creating an efficient distribution chain.

Ask for dealer prices and convince yourself!

What doesn’t work?
- Relatively small volumes (for direct-shipments & besides our: USPS.EU/NL Consolidated Fulfillment Services) --> high shipment costs
- Relatively small orders --> higher wholesale price, limited discounts
- Many different products, many different Producer/Manufacturers creates more workload in ordering, shipping, inventory management and packaging
- Inflexibility in inventory and orders. Waiting time before the right volume is reached to place an order
- No insight in order flow on Producer/Manufacturers side and inflexibility in inventory on shops side leads to a constant "out of stock" on many products

Our USPS (.eu/.nl) shipping services!

What's in it for me, them & us
Besides our three BUSINESS-services — -STRATEGY -MARKETING & -SALES — we offer just as an "US based International Mail/Packages Forwarding Network" different solutions and a second-to-none experience as well:

premier solutions
Open the door to international revenue with one of our premier solutions:
a) ImportZpeed Extend is a personal solution provider that's easily deployed by small to mid-sized businesses and even Wholesale Distributors‏/Manufacturers!

Checkout — Personalized & market-leading solutions
Second-to-none experience, or to Expand Your Business Globally
b) ImportZpeed Checkout: CustomZpeed offers personalized & market-leading solutions for amongst others online merchants who are looking to expand globally.

Seamless experience
c) ImportZpeed Connect is a fully integrated solution that provides a seamless experience for international customers like you and your consumers.