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Business sales (USA to EU/NL)

You are ready for the next phase of your growth scenario. Entering a new market or new geographical areas. Contacting new prospects, or new business partners. Not by coincidence but based on a structural method, and using the right criteria of the ideal candidates. With a added value for both parties. This is how you build your network on a short and longer term.
Based on your goals, ExportZpeed is able to support you with three services to enter new target groups or markets:

  1. introducing your product or services to a new target group: as a test in new markets, or a changed offering
  2. Finding new business partners: produce a shortlist of agents, distributors, and assist you with the selection process
  3. Representing your company abroad: without the big startup costs of office rental or hiring personnel

-Together with you we define the criteria which customers or partners to approach. The geographical territories, the company size and in which segments or industries.
-Contact the persons or companies with your company name or as ExportZpeed.
-Organizing or participating in events like trade shows, seminars, or network events.

We offer you the following tolls to bring you in contact with new clients or partners:
- A large international contact database
- The International ExportZpeed network
- Marketing promotion tools online, via our second initiatives: http://www.Zwieper.nl (Business Development / CRM), and founder of http://www.ZwiePR.nl (the Web & Video with Vision) — ...for advertising, marketing, pr and personal branding!

We offer our matching services in different markets. In several international locations we have Local Business Development Managers who can introduce your product into the local market. They know the local culture and language, and have the right network of local contacts.

Please also have look at our other services:
- Define new trarget groups! for your company
- create and manage (y)our Create and manage your cross media marketing campaigns!



Increase Online Sales

  1. Sales testing
  2. Partner search
  3. Company representation

ExportZpeed also provides online marketplaces by YouAre .nl/.eu for the sale of international goods and local services, as well as other online commerce, platforms, and online payment and shipping solutions to individuals and businesses in the Netherlands and internationally (from the USA to NL/EU)